In attendance at the AGM2011The committee is composed of educators from around the State.  We have members from both metropolitan and rural communities as well as from all education sectors and levels to provide both as broad a representation and ease of member access as possible.  Our main aims are to ensure that the EdTechSA Mission Statement is realised and that members have access to quality advice, resources, professional development and networking opportunities.

At the Annual General Meeting, a new committee is elected.  Elected committee members serve a two-year term. Interested people are able to nominate themselves, or a colleague, to take a role on the committee.  We openly welcome the injection of new ideas and energy that newcomers enthusiastically contribute.

Meetings are held on a Thursday evening, 5:15pm – 7:15pm at the Education Development Centre, Milner Street, Hindmarsh.

The current Management Committee:

Tina Photakis

President: Tina Photakis
Work Place: Cowandilla Primary School
Specialisms:  Social Media, Global education & Online learning, ThinkQuest Educator:projects, coach, trainer, Professional Learner provider
Specialist subjects – Languages (Modern Greek), The Arts:Drama/Music, ICT across the curriculum, Geography
About me: I have always been passionate about technology and have used it extensively in my teaching. This was one of the reasons that I joined CEGSA, to connect with other like-minded educators. This led me to be on the organising committee for ACEC2004, the national technology conference that CEGSA hosted at the Adelaide Convention Centre, for the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE). At the conference, I found out more about the international ThinkQuest website competition and the Oracle Education Foundation (OEF) based in the USA. As I am very passionate about global education and collaboration, I accepted the invitation to become a judge for the ThinkQuest website competition. I was impressed by the high standard and creativity of student designed and created websites. In 2005, I was a ThinkQuest coach and my team of 6 students from 3 different countries, came second in the competition. We won a trip to San Francisco where we met face to face for the first time after working together totally online for 8 months. I coached 4 more teams in ThinkQuest international and in 2009, I coached 2 teams in the inaugural ThinkQuest Australia competition. My teams from Cowandilla primary school were successful and won a trip to ACEC2010 in Melbourne. I have been a PL facilitator for the OEF in project-based learning online and have provided Professional Learning locally, nationally and globally, including in Singapore, Romania and the USA.
Time served on the Committee: Joined 2002, member since 1999



Gary Pascoe
Gary Pascoe

Publicity Coordinator: Gary Pascoe
Work Place: Deputy Principal/ICT Teacher: Emmaus Catholic School, Woodcroft
Specialisms: I work with all year levels from Reception to Year 7.
About me: I am a firm believer in ICT being embedded in all curriculum areas and am an advocate of students being producers rather than consumers. I love it when students teach me new ways to do things and show me new tools to create amazing things. I get a real buzz out of being told by staff or students “I don’t need you to help me with that any more.”
Time served on committee:
Joined in 2012


Michelle Westphalen

Executive Officer: Michelle Westphalen
Work Place: EdTechSA (Formerly CEGSA) & Flagstaff Hill R-7 School
About me: I came to EdTechSA (formerly CEGSA) in August 2007 and have not looked back!  I enjoy working as the executive officer, attending to all office duties, organising the annual conference and working with the committee on all tasks.
Time served on the Committee: Joined 2007



Anne Ballard
Anne Ballard

Name:Anne Ballard
Work Place:
Senior Secondary IT
About me:
Did an honours degree in Psychology, married and had 3 children, later did a DipEd.  Taught junior primary and primary classes for about 10 years.  Became involved with computing in schools in the early 1980s.  Appointed first SA regional primary computing advisory teacher 1983.  Annesley College Computing Coordinator R-12 1984-1997, teaching IT and supporting teachers in the use of ICTs.  Technology Curriculum and Assessment Officer 1998-2005 at SSABSA.  Have always appreciated the support I have received from other more experienced and knowledgeable teachers of IT, and now I am retired I am doing my best to continue to foster this through CEGSA.
Time served on the Committee:
pretty well forever (?life sentence) Founding member, 1985 I think.  Committee member almost continuously since then, apart from a couple of short breaks.  CEGSA president and ACCE Board member 1992-5 approx, ACCE secretary 1996, Life Member 2013




Paul CC_2
Paul Clapton-Caputo

Name: Paul Clapton-Caputo
Work Place:
DECD, Program Leader, Digital learning & Communications
Digital Pedagogy
About me:
I am interested in all things to do with learning and understanding in a globally connected world. I am interested in the changing nature of networked facts and the impact this has on what we know individually, as community and as global citizens. I want to participate and contribute around the purposeful use of established and emerging new basics, as foundations to learning design and the realisation of teacher as a lead learner. The ocean brings a smile to my face and peace to my soul.  Global competencies are a priority for my work. I believe every kid is a search engine and that has always been the way things are.
Time served on the committee: 
Joined 2015



Jackie Chambers
Jackie Chambers

Name: Jackie Chambers
Workplace: Digital Technologies Educator, St Andrews School
About me: I taught in England for 9 years, was the ICT coordinator of a beacon school for ICT and provided PD throughout the UK.  In 2006 I arrived in South Australia and as Digital Technologies Educator I have introduced computer science and coding to all students from Reception to Year 7. I believe very strongly that effective learning takes place when students feel comfortable to take risks and to make mistakes. I try to instil the ‘have a go’ model in my teaching.
Time served on the committee: Joined 2015


Chantelle Love

Name: Chantelle Love
Workplace: Immanuel Primary School
About me: Chantelle Love is a teacher at Immanuel Primary School and Google Certified Educator (Level 2). Since specialising in students with literacy and numeracy difficulties at The University of Canberra,  Chantelle has taught primary students in both public and independent education systems. With over a decade of teaching and leadership experience, she has worked closely with InnovatED_SA, EdTechSA, GAFE, The Learning Federation, ABC Splash, ALEA, ELH, MYSA, ISTE and SCIL to develop initiatives that develop empathy, foster rigour and increase a love of life-long learning for students and teachers.
Time served on the committee: Joined 2016


Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson

Name: Chris Robinson
Workplace: Aberfoyle Park High School
Time served on the committee: Joined 2016




Sue Gaardboe
Sue Gaardboe

Name: Sue Gaardboe
Workplace: Edwardstown Primary School
About me: I started my professional life with a degree in Applied Science and a career in Art (textile) conservation. A husband, three children and moving home from Canberra, Tanzania, New York and the U.K. saw me add a teaching qualification and a move to Adelaide.  I now work at Edwardstown Primary School as the Coordinator for Australian Curriculum, and run three extra-curricula CodeClubs. My interest in Digital Technologies began with a Christmas Present – an iPhone. Relaxation time for me is spent with my family or gardening with my dogs and chickens.
Time served on the committee: Joined 2016


Paul Connelly
Paul Connelly

Name: Paul Connelly
Workplace: Portside Christian School
Time served on the committee: Joined 2016