Every year EdTechSA holds an annual conference.

Hundreds of people attend from all over the state to take advantage of the quality Professional Development, Research and buying opportunities offered.

Over the past five years,  attendees have heard from renowned key note speakers from all over the world.

Past Conference Highlights

Below you’ll find the details for a small sample of speakers who have worked with us over the last few years.


EdTechSA 2015 – Debug Digital Technologies



Conference website 2013 snap shot

CEGSA2013 “Connecting People Sharing Learning”

When: Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th July 2013

What: CEGSA 2013 State Conference: Connecting People Sharing Learning

Where: Unley High School

ICT and Pedagogy Partnerships - #CEGSA2012

CEGSA2012 “ICT and Pedagogy Partnerships”

When: Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th July 2012

What: CEGSA 2012 Conference: ICT and Pedagogy Partnerships

Where: Unley High School

CEGSA2012 has it’s own website. Have you visited yet? You can read all about the Keynote presenters, check the venue, submit a presentation and much more.

CEGSA2011 “Engage, Learn… Share “

Tom March, Recognised as a Teacher of the Year Finalist for San Diego County after five years in the profession, he concluded ten years as a classroom teacher by taking a three year fellowship at Read More →

Margaret Lloyd Dr Margaret Lloyd is an Associate Professor in the School of Maths, Science and Technology Education, QUT, with a specialisation in ICT education and specific responsibility for secondary computing curriculum studies. She is Director of Oz-teachers Read More →

For a review of CEGSA2011 see here

CEGSA2010-Leading Learning Engaging Technology



Roger Pryor – (NSW) Roger Pryor is currently a School Education Director (SED) with the NSW Department of Education and Training, based in Newcastle in the Hunter Central Coast Region. Within this role Roger has oversight of 33 schools and a range of regional portfolio responsibilities including the integration of ICT within quality teaching. Prior to this, Roger was a primary school Principal for 16 years and has also worked within the Leadership Development Unit and as the Website Manager, Secretary, and later full-time President, of the NSW Primary Principals’ Association. You can find Roger on the web at http://pryorcommitment.com and on Twitter as @pryorcommitment

Roland Gesthuizen- (VIC) Roland is working at Westall Secondary College to support Learning Technologies, leading a team of highly motivated and talented computer support staff. He is in charge of a student computer game club and leads a range of online and extra curricular college activities such as webcasting the annual college Concert, organising online meetings and activities with the sister school in Japan, exploring the frontiers of teaching ICT using hand puppets and drama. He won an EPA environment award for teaching the “Cloud Dance” and recently shared an ACEC 2009 national award.

Lenva Shearing– (NZ) Lenva Shearing is the Deputy Principal at Bucklands Beach Intermediate School and is responsible for the development of ePortfolios and eLearning throughout the school. She was the facilitator of the 2007-2009 Bucklands Beach ICT PD Cluster, providing professional development in ICT to Auckland schools.
Lenva is an Apple Distinguished Educator.

CEGSA2009 “IT’s About Learning”

David Loader- (VIC) David Loader is a Principal Fellow in the Faculty of Education, Melbourne University (since 2002). He was a School Principal for 32 years. David was Principal of Kinross Wolaroi College, Orange (initially PLC, then Kinross and then Kinross Wolaroi) 1971-8, Methodist Ladies’ College, Melbourne 1979 – 1996 and Wesley College, Melbourne 1997-2002.

He is the author of two books. The Inner Principal published in 1997 by Falmer Press, London. This book gives a psychoanalytical perspective on school leadership. Jousting for the new generation; Challenges to contemporary schooling published in Australia by ACER Press in 2007 provides a critique of modern day schooling. David is a Board member of Swinburne University and National Institute of Circus Arts. In Australia’s centenary, he was awarded the Centenary Medal ‘for outstanding services to education.’ In 1999, the Australian College of Education awarded him the Sir James Darling Medal and in 2008, David received the Gold Medal from Australian Council for Educational Leaders

Dean Groom – (NSW) Dean Groom is the Head of Educational Development Design in Macquarie University Sydney, working in curriculum renewal, educational technology, and innovation to integration using technologies in teaching and learning. He was previously the Head of Information Technology at Parramatta Marist, Australia’s first Project Based Learning school – and unique in it’s use of entirely Web2.0 platforms in the classroom. Dean is a fellow with the international Powerful Learning Practice – created by Will Richardson and Sheryl Nasbaumm-Beach, and presents workshops locally for K12, in public and private sectors and internationally. He is a co-founder of Second Classroom, an internation group of educators developing curricula for virtual learning and game based learning, nomitated in 2009 for Edublogger of the year for personal work, and his work in virtual worlds with Teen Second Life.
Campbell Menzies – (SA) Campbell is a Curriculum Services Officer (CSO) at the SACE Board of South Australia and is responsible for the administration of a group of viagraforlife.net subjects in Stage 1 and 2, along with Chief Assessors and advisory groups. Campbell is CSO for Information Technology Studies and Information TechnologySystems, Design and Technology, Information Processing and Publishing,Accounting, Community Studies, Geography, Economics and Media Studies. He has expertise in some, interest in all, and excellent backup from his team.


CEGSA2008 “Learning is a Conversation”

Steve Moss – (UK) Steve has wide-ranging experience of the strategic development of ICT in education and has worked with Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) on local and national inspection and evaluation projects. He was Chairman of the Board of NAACE, the UK professional association for ICT advisers and consultants, in 1998. From 2000 – 2002, Steve worked with the Ministry of Education in Jordan, developing the use of ICT in the teaching of English, mathematics and science in high schools. He has also supported schools and educators in Hong Kong, Sweden, UAE, Australia, Russia and the USA.

Dr Margaret Lloyd (QLD) – A Senior Lecturer in the School of Maths, Science and Technology Education, Queensland University of Technology with a specialisation in ICT education. While she lectures in a number of related areas, she has specific responsibility for secondary computing curriculum studies. She has taken a leading role in ICT curriculum design, has co-authored an ICT textbook for junior secondary students and is a frequent presenter and contributor to state and national publications and conferences. She is the current holder of QSITE’s Outstanding Leader of the Year Award. Dr Lloyd`s is also the Director of oz-teachers, the group which oversees the Oz-TeacherNet , an online community for teachers. Her doctoral dissertation was a critical history of computer education in Queensland (1983-1997).

Chris Betcher (NSW) – As someone who has been in (and occasionally out of) education for over 20 years, Chris Betcher has a few opinions on how he’d like it to work. He is particularly interested in thinking about how schools need to change to accommodate 21st century learners and how technology can be used to make learning more interesting, relevant, fun and engaging. Chris is currently the R-12 ICT Integrator at Presbyterian Ladies College, Sydney.