Dan Haesler works with organisations around issues of engagement, wellbeing, mindset & leadership.

As well as schools, he has consulted to government education projects, corporate business, The Black Dog Institute and other not-for-profit organisations.

He is an international keynote speaker and regularly presents alongside the likes of Sir Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

He regularly features in the media, and his monthly School of Thought column appears in the Australian Teacher Magazine. 

He is passionate about equity in education and engaging our hardest-to-reach kids and communities.

Keynote: Engaging Kids Today

The body of literature around student engagement is vast and continues to grow. Educators have never been better informed of the complexities and interactions between pedagogy, technology, neuroscience and engagement. And yet, across the western world in particular, studies suggest that student engagement levels continue to drop. Not only are more students seemingly disengaged, but they seem to be so an increasingly earlier stage of their academic career. Teachers need to be equipped with a range of approaches to engage students in meaningful ways. This keynote will explore the meaning of authentic engagement, and how teachers and schools can encourage it in their community. And then we’ll talk about how ICT can help with that…


This workshop follows on from Engaging Kids Today. This workshop explores the notion of Authentic Learning and how by incorporating different tools and opportunities we can provide students with compelling reasons for the work we’re doing. Going Beyond The Grade encourages teachers to consider the power of service learning and the connectivity afforded us by technology. What will we say the next time a kid asks us, “But Miss, why are we doing this?”


Participants will each receive access to an online resource with further self directed learning opportunities

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