That might be true for Life but not for ACEC2014

  Chocolate_giftHave a look at these samples to get a taste of what is to come.


Iron Chef Challenge: ACEC2014 edition

Anthony Speranza

Feeling a bit bland? Spice up your life by jumping into ACEC’s kitchen…


Hardware hacking – the life of Pi

Dan Bowen
In this session we will look at the evolution of hardware and robotic technology for learning…


Beyond Change to Disruption

Joanne Thompson
See how a Melbourne school has embraced digital and networked learning to disrupt the role of the teacher…


Perspectives on 1:1 & BYO strategies in schools

Prof. Peter Twining, Assoc. Prof.Romina Jamieson-Proctor, Prof. Paul Newhouse, Dr. Ted Clark & Dr. Andrew Fluck
This symposium will compare and contrast the implementation of 1 to 1 computing strategies in schools in England and Australia…


Leadership for Digital Citizenship Action

Julie Lindsay
As we foster productive digital learning environments with tools, skills, standards, attitudes and habits for using while using technology we need to…


With information about the 150 different sessions at ACEC2014 available here you certainly know what you are going to get.

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