Summative task books for 2012

CEGSA plans to  publish books which contain all the summative task materials needed for an Option Topic, together with explanatory notes.  You will get a set of carefully designed tasks, and will save yourself many hours of work.  The resource will be accompanied by an editable SACE Board assessment plan for 2012 for each Topic.

Each book will contain:

  • Assessment Plan for SACE Board
  • 2 Folio Tasks
  • 2 Skills Tasks
  • Project Resource Material

We also hope to offer a 3 hour clarification workshop at the end of term 1 2012, addressing the content of the tasks.  Purchasers of the books will have the opportunity to attend this workshop at a severely discounted price.

Purchase of a book will allow you to make copies for your students only in 2012.  Suggested solutions will be sent to you at the end of SACE Moderation in 2012, making the 2012 tasks able to be used as formative tasks if desired in following years (note: once the suggested solutions are published, the task will no longer meet SACE summative requirements).

Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in obtaining these books, please click here to complete the brief survey.  By doing this you help us to determine whether there is sufficient demand for us to produce these books.

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