Posted by: Selena Woodward (CEGSA Committee member)

The Khan academy is famous for it’s use of video to help instruct.  They have created a whole curriculum of videos in many core subjects and are experiencing some excellent results. Below, Salman Khan talks about the creation of this academy, what he did and what the result have been:


Another famous example is “Watch Know . org?”

Created by the co-founder of Wikipedia, this website, cited as a video wiki,  is managed by teaching professionals like ourselves.  In fact you can still sign up to become one of the thousands of moderators who nominate and rate videos for display on this site.  Gone are the days where you have to sift through hours of American Teenagers with wooden swords re-enacting Shakespear (although some of them are great fun to watch they’re not always what we want to use in our own classroom) and go straight to a site that has already sorted and rated educational videos from a range of sites for you.  It’s even searchable! Have you checked it out?  Do you use videos a lot in your classroom? How? What are the results? I know that I’ve had great success using videos from these sites to hammer home points that just don’t seem to stick unless they’re in full multimedia. How about you?


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