Thursday 13 March, 4:30pm – 6:30pm, St Andrews School, 22 Smith Street, Walkerville.



Download and print the flyer to share with your colleagues, it also contains information about where to go!

If you know what it’s all about please consider registering below otherwise read on ↓

Teachers love to trade ideas and share practical classroom practices. Connecting in relaxed, comfortable environments with good company (even something to eat and drink) adds to the learning experience.

TeachMeets involve teachers sharing 7 and 2 minute presentations with each other. It’s free and fun. These succinct, easy to create presentations are sure to inspire at least one fellow colleague and that equals successful professional development. There is no pressure, demanding preparation requirements or judgemental attitudes. It’s also a wonderful way to get into presenting. Good sharing and great learning benefits our students. TeachMeets include Leaders, ICT Coordinators and Managers, Mentors, Researchers, Specialist and Classroom Teachers. They cater for all year levels and sectors.


  • We encourage you to come ready to briefly share an idea, a tool, website or product of your choice
  • It’s important to do what it takes to get your message across (know what that is) and have fun
  • It really is quite flexible. After 1 minute set up you have 2 to 7 minutes to present
  • On the form, please let us know approximately how long you plan and what you intend to do
  • A laptop, data projector, internet and microphone is available. Please bring extras you need or note them when you register
  • Any presentation format is allowed – it doesn’t have to be technological, sing a song if you like
  • Bring a ‘Plan B’ backup (eg memory stick) Technology can go wrong, its part of the fun. Bring your own technology maybe
  • Presenters are often chosen at random. The structure of our first TeachMeet for 2014will depend on registration data
  • The theme ‘Let’s Do This!’ is a guideline to give you scope and make it personal

How To Register

Please add your details on the form below.
We encourage everyone who is attending to individually register. It’s free.

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