It’s interesting what happens when a new group is formed and conversations start.


waiting for our connection at San Francisco airport

I just met a new group of people who are on the study tour to Canada and the USA. After we did the introductions we started the usual routine, remembering names, working out who our buddies are, finding out where we all came from and then the conversations turn to expectations of the tour. What are you expecting? What sessions have you planned for the ISTE conference? What schools interest you that we are visiting?

The group is diverse, we have all aspects of the education spectrum from Academics to School Support Officers and everything in-between. We cover Public, Independent and Catholic education and have people who run their own educational businesses or work as educational consultants for major companies. Some have planned their sessions for ISTE, others are waiting to listen. Some are excited about the educational briefing we are getting from such companies as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Intel and Cisco, while others can’t wait to meet the staff and students of the schools we are visiting to see what they are doing that innovative and changing education in their communities.

more waiting

still waiting

Whether we are here to learn something for personal or professional reasons when the conversations finish they are all here for the same thing.

To Learn, To Discover and To Share.


Until the next blog

Steve Knipe

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