Are you seeking to stand out from the crowd and add that something special to your next job application?
Or, are you are seeking to extend your participation in a dynamic professional learning network for the benefit of your students?

One sure way to do both of these things would be to receive a EdTechSA award!

As an award winner, your knowledge and skills will be recognised by a panel of respected peers and you will open up new professional networking and leadership opportunities.

Every year EdTechSA has the pleasure of recognising educators across our state who have contributed to the leadership and implementation of best practice in learning with ICT across the curriculum, or about IT as a discipline.

Now is the time to nominate for an EdTechSA award for 2014.

EdTechSA has three awards to recognise the contribution of individual members to the advocacy of ICT in education. The three awards are:

EdTechSA Leader of the Year

EdTechSA Educator of the Year

EdTechSA Leading Light

Click on the links above to learn more about each of the awards.



Recipients of Awards:

  • receive $500 cheque for the Educator and Leader of the Year awards, and a framed certificate
  • are recognised on the EdTechSA web site and invited to present at the next EdTechSA conference
  • may be nominated as the EdTechSA candidate for the relevant ACCE award


The selection committee for all awards will consist of a panel selected by the EdTechSA Executive Committee who will consider the submissions according to the criteria. The selection committee will not involve the EdTechSA representatives who are also applicants for the awards. The EdTechSA President or a nominee will chair the selection committee. Successful applicants may not necessarily fulfil all criteria for progress to the ACCE awards selection process.


To be eligible for the awards candidates must be individual members of EdTechSA .


Applications can be made online by clicking here, by 29 August, 5pm (no extensions).

Submissions for any award is limited to a three page nomination statement which addresses the criteria for the relevant award, and a brief curriculum vitae.

Further supporting documentation can be provided in any media (if required).

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