Moodle is an open source online learning platform that is being used by schools, universities and training institutions around the world. Many schools are using Moodle to support curriculum delivery and assessment.

The MOODLE Sessions: pedagogy for the 21st century
Saturday June 1 (wk 5)
9.30am – 3.00pm
Glenunga International High School

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To support and encourage South Australian teachers in the effective use of Moodle a symposium is being planned for early term 2. We are targeting teachers and schools that are currently using Moodle and want to take the next step, or those that have only heard of Moodle and want to jump on board. This day will feature Five Minute Moodles (SpeedShare sessions), 25 minute Presentations and 45 minute Workshops.

This is a collaborative event; Moodle Presentations and Moodle Workshops offered by practitioners for practitioners supporting teachers and school leaders to deliver 21st century learning methodologies.

9:15 am         Arrival and Enrolment
9:45 am         Keynote: ‘21st Century Pedagogy’
10:00 am       5 x 5 min Moodle Speed Shares
10:30 am       Coffee Break (catered)
11:00 am       Presentations #1 (25 mins)

  • Using Turnitin module in Moodle for effective feedback to students
  • Using Moodle to support the teaching of Visual Art
  • Game making in Moodle using Conditional activities
  • Moodle and yTeach using SCORMS (interactive learning tasks) – (Science)

11:30 am        Presentations #2 (25 mins)

  • Moodle and the efficient delivery of a PLP course for 320 students
  • Supporting Students in a Learning Age; how going online is changing our teaching and learning
  • DECD literacy resources that support pedagogy for the 21st century.
  • ASTA Moodle to support Science teachers with courses and resources

12:15 pm        Workshops #1 (45 mins)

  • Preparing resources for Moodle
  • Creating a Moodle Course (ACARA History/Geography)
  • Using online learning environments as a means for personalised feedback in both synchronous and asynchronous mode in self paced learning.
  • Using the HTML block and other good tricks for Moodlers

1:00 pm          Lunch (catered)
1:30 pm          Workshops #2 (45 mins)

  • Setting up Feedback module for mid course evaluation and Quiz for pre-testing
  • Enhancing Moodles with graphics and gamification
  • Setting up Multiple Users (Groups) to share a Moodle course
  • Setting up a Faculty presence in Moodle for 21st century learning outcomes

2:15pm           Closing remarks and plenary
3:00pm           Moodle Sessions close

This conference will cater for the Professional Standards requirements of Teacher Registration and National Teaching Standards.
If you would like a flyer to print and share with interested colleagues please download the Moodle Sessions flyer here
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