ACARAWe thought we would forward along this information from ACARA to our members who might like the opportunity to be involved with the writing of the Australian Curriculum

Expressions of Interest for the Australian Curriculum: Technologies curriculum writers and advisory group members

ACARA welcomes expressions of interest for the following roles:

Technologies curriculum writers and advisory group members.

*Expressions of Interest for Technologies curriculum writers *

To ensure that the curriculum written is of the highest quality, the selection process will take into consideration the level of experience and expertise in the Technologies learning area; experience in writing and developing curriculum and/or assessment beyond the classroom context; demonstrated ability to work collaboratively; and representation across stages of schooling.

In the Australian Curriculum, the Technologies learning area may include agriculture/primary industries, built environment, digital technologies, design, engineering, food technology and nutrition, graphics, materials and product design (eg metals, textiles, timber).

The writing team will comprise up to 6 writers and will include people with particular expertise across the stages of schooling F-6, 7-12 in addition to expertise in particular Technologies contexts.

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*Expressions of Interest for Technologies advisory group members for the writing phase*

Advisory group members will have extensive knowledge, understanding and expertise in the area of Technologies and experience in the development of curriculum and/or assessment.

The advisory group will assist ACARA and writing team/s by providing advice on draft curriculum including content descriptions, elaborations and achievement standards at key stages in the curriculum development process.

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Expressions of Interest for both roles close *Sunday 20 May 2012 at 5:00pm (AEST)*.

*Please send your application with the appropriate attachments and subject: Technologies EOI Writer or Technologies EOI Advisor to *

If you have any questions regarding ACARA‚s expressions of interest for curriculum writers or advisory group members, please contact Julie King, Senior Project Officer, on 02 8098 3106 or email

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