I came across an interesting video the other day which highlights a possible use for a great tool on Youtube. This is the Spotlight tool

The Spotlight tool allows you to create interactive areas within a video which then link to another video, based upon the choices made. Using this tool you can make your Youtube video interactive – creating quizzes or tutorials which could provide specific feedback based upon the answers your students give.

A great example of this can be found in this post which was created for Knewton, a tech startup located in New York. Here is their interactive video “GMAT Choose Your Own Adventure”

Another resource that I found useful when checking out this tool was this “Snapshot of learning” which focussed on using Youtube as an interactive presentation tool which was contributed by Dave Beehre, Somerville Intermediate School, Auckland.

His post outlines how he used the spotlight tool to create videos which highlighted his students understanding of their classroom virtues program. He shows not only the tools he used, but also the process and planning he and his student undertook when creating their projects.

The final resource I found useful while investigating the Spotlight function was a Youtube video tutorial which walks through the process of using the Spotlight tool.

With such a range of different uses, the ways which students could use the spotlight tool are seemingly endless.

Why not check it out and see what it might be able to do for your students and their learning?

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