coke bottlesWhen I was very young growing up in Melbourne we used to dream of finding a coke bottle that we could take to the Milk Bar (Deli for those from South Australia) and swap for 5 cents. I’m showing my age here.
I remember getting 4 lollies for 1 cent! 5 cents was a fortune. We would scour the area for bottles, save them up and return them in one go.


Milk BarWhat a nightmare for the Milk Bar owners, as we painstakingly made our selection. “I’ll have 2 cents of fizzies, no wait make it 1 cent of fizzies, 1 cent of bananas…” The process of choosing seemed to take hours. There were always regrets once you had chosen and walked away. Could I have got more for my money? Should I have got so many aniseed balls, would honey bears have been better? How can I make sure my brothers and sisters don’t work out where I have hidden my secret stash of lollies?

ConferenceThe EdTechSA conference is very much like going to the Milk Bar with 20 cents burning a hole in your pocket.
The combination of choices seems endless, the worry of making sure you can get the absolute maximum for your time and money. You don’t want to walk away thinking “I should have got the Jelly Babies instead of the Black Cats”. I recommend you take the time to check out all that is on offer well ahead of time so that you don’t get overwhelmed on the day and stand there like a kid in a lolly shop, frozen in the face of nirvana (the state of mind, not the band).

Visit now.

In years to come you can reminisce about the time when you went to the EdTechSA state conference and had the choice of 67 workshops (on top of the 3 internationally renowned Keynotes) for such a small amount of money and the younger generation just won’t believe you.

BlogLike a kid in a lolly shop: EdTechSA Conference 2016