Tom March opened the 2011 CEGSA state conference with an inspirational talk entitled “It’s Broke, (So Let’s Fix It) – Remaking Education for our Digital Era.” If you weren’t able to attend the conference or you would like to revisit this thought-provoking session you are now able to by clicking on the Vimeo recording provided below.

Here is the abstract for Tom’s keynote address:

We are entering an era when it can be stated truthfully that a self-motivated student with broadband access to the Web can learn more than he or she could in school. Society has changed around us and one of the few certainties is that these changes will continue. Some of the main changes undermine cultures focused on standardised outcomes and the myth of uniform excellence. In other words, a culture like “school.” The world surrounding schools has moved from ”one-size-fits-all” mentality to one where digital customisation enables “allsized-to-fit-one”. In this new reality, what are the three most important aspects of an educator’s job and how can you get started today?

Watch the video:

Tom March: It’s broke (so let’s fix it) – Remaking education for our digital era from CEGSA on Vimeo.

MembersRecording of Tom March’s Keynote