Special EdTechSA Event

We have a special Spotlight session that is FREE for members and $40 for non-members, on Thursday, 13 August at Cowandilla Primary School, 5:00 – 7:00pm. Visiting Artist in Residence in Brisbane, Dr Elliot Gann, from California, is making a whistle stop visit to Adelaide. Elliot has trained as a psychotherapist and has a clinical Ph.D. in Psychology, but has been working in schools for over a decade using Hip Hop music and urban music production/DJ’ing and associated technology, as an educational and mental health intervention. Elliot has become quite involved and interested in pedagogy and education, best practices, curriculum development, project-based learning, STEM/STEAM and much more. Currently, he and his staff, teach in more than 20 schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students are from Years 3 – 12 (ages 7 – 18), and can attend lessons both during the school day and in after school programs, as well as in the community. Spotlight session details Hip Hop Music Production/Beat Making in School Settings This presentation will examine the Today’s Future Sound model and program, which has been found internationally and across cultures to inspire disengaged and marginalized youth and teach them healthy expression. In particular, it has been used successfully with youth of color in the US, Canada and Australia. The session will include discussion and examples of the delivery of multiple subjects (STEAM, Social Studies/History, Geography, entrepreneurship, Arts and Music) content, in a culturally relevant and interdisciplinary modality. There will also be a live, hands-on demonstration of equipment and software, including free resources for teachers and administrators. Practical take away from the session: basic understanding of (Hip Hop/ electronic music) beat making and music production and how this can be used as an educational and therapeutic tool, especially to teach mathematics and science. More information and register here
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