“Children’s starting point is one step ahead of ours, they are beginning their lives in a world where the Internet is integrated into their everyday experiences …” so says Neela Sakaria, Senior Vice President of Latitude.

Latitude is a research firm that has recently conducted the ‘Children’s Future Requests for Computers and the Internet’ study, in which 201 children aged 12 and under, from around the globe were asked to draw a picture of something that they’d like their computers or the Internet to do differently.  The pictures the children drew revealed a strong trend was to break down the barrier between the physical and digital worlds, with children appearing to see no difference between ‘real’ and ‘computer-based’ activities.

To view a summary of this survey and the implications this research is having, follow this link to read the article on thenextweb.com or click on the pdf link above to read the study, as well as viewing some of the intriguing pictures the children drew.

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