ACCE Study Tour 2011 - Intel HQ

ACCE Study Tour 2011 – Intel HQ

Every year the ACCE organise a study tour to a far flung destination.  This year’s study tour was a fantastic success with visit to ISTE 2011, Google HQ, the Oracle Education Foundation,  schools in San Francisco and a range of cities for site-seeing.  You can read all about it here (PDF).
Next year’s ACCE study tour is being organised by CEGSA’s president Dr Trudy Sweeney and will be happening in June 2012.  You will get the opportunity to travel to Canda and the USA this time giving you the opportunity to:
                  •  Share innovative and high quality practice in teaching and learning with and through technology;
                  • Network with internationally recognised practitioners and leaders
                  • Visit leading schools;
                  • Visit significant corporate ACCE partners;
                  • Attend and present at the ISTE Conference in San Diego, one of the largest education conferences in the USA.

It’s early days yet and so costs are yet to be finalised.  We can tell you that the fee will include:

  • A round trip airfare to Los Angeles with stopovers in Vancouver, San Francisco and San Diego
  • Accommodation and local transfers
  • Coach travel from Vancouver to Seattle
  • School and corporate visits and presentations
  • ISTE Conference registration
  • ISTE Leadership Forum

Expressions of interest for the ACCE2012 Study Tour are now open!

The previous four ACCE study tours which have incorporated the ISTE conference have proven to be a fun and effective professional learning opportunity for participants. It’s a real opportunity to see which education issues are echoed around the world, to work internationally and to see a large part of two beautiful countries whilst you go!
If you’d like to let Trudy know that you’re interested in getting involved then please contact her via email and she will forward on further details.
Whilst the details are being finalised on 2012….If you’d like some insight into what last years participants experienced then check out these links:
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