This guide has been produced by EdTechSA for many years.  As 2018 is the last year for teaching Stage 2 Information Technology this is the very last Guide and it obviously will become a collectors’ edition in the future (!)
It is written as a workbook for SACE Stage 2 Information Technology students, with input from experienced teachers and exam markers, to provide sample solutions for each question.

The revision guide will contain copies of:

  • the 2017 Examination paper;
  • the 2016 Examination paper;
  • the 2015 Examination paper;
  • suggested fully worked solutions for all the above.

Teachers may choose to use some of the resources in the Guide in a trial examination situation.

The Guide is produced as a student workbook and is copyright to EdTechSA. Orders for the guide close on Friday 18 May 2018.  (Term 2 week 3). Payment in full must be received by 18 May for the order to be confirmed, so that we can immediately place an order with the printer, and then send your order as soon as possible after this.

As this the last year the Revision Guide is being produced, we hope you will find the last edition of the Guide as useful as all previous ones, and our thank you to you is to make them available to everyone at the member price of $23.00.  No need to log in, just order.

Note: Late orders, ie those confirmed after Friday 18 May will incur an additional charge of $5.00 per copy, to cover printing costs for small orders.

And watch our website for materials and professional learning opportunities, including a Secondary Digital Technologies strand at our State Conference, to help you teach the new Stage 1 and 2 Digital Technologies.