Imagine a young child at play – what do we see?  What are the natural ways they engage as learners? What do we see them doing, verbalising, attending to? Learning is the natural human condition, a lifelong process and disposition to make sense and meaning of our experience, our encounters in our world.   Digital technologies can provide tools that extend  the natural pedagogies of play, story, dialogue for sense making.

This is the subject of one of our fantastic keynote presentations, facilitated by Margot Foster (Director Pedagogy and Leadership from DECD Teaching and Learning Services),  Wendy Engliss (Director New Media, Policy and Communications) and Ruth Motley (Program Manager New Media and Communication Technologies)

This session will explore the relationship between 21C pedagogy as articulated in the SA Teaching for Effective Learning Framework (TfEL); the Australian Curriculum; and digital technologies.

The TfEL was developed by SA teachers and international educational academics.  It is a compass to guide our thinking and actions when designing learning experiences for students.  During this session we will share the emerging insights from the SA National Partnerships Pedagogy Research and discuss the role digital technology can play with reference to some national and DECD initiatives.

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