Bronwyn has been engaged in educational community and gameful practices in learning development for the past 15 years. She has worked to explore virtual worlds, games in learning and how we can cultivate identity, agency, citizenship, leadership, and community. She is a postdoctoral research fellow of the Arizona State University Center for Games & Impact and is global leader in the gamification for community and identity cultivation. Bronwyn is also lead member of the Sydney Education Technology Group working to support edutech startups and to make Sydney the hub of educational entrepreneurship. Bronwyn Currently consults to groups such as Intel’s Engage and the Microsoft Minecraft team in areas of gamification and community cultivation. Bronwyn has consulted in K-12, adult and workplace learning contexts in relation to communities of practice, games based learning and aspects of gamification. She is a co-facilitator of the Open Badges Australia and New Zealand (OBANZ) community and has for the past 2 years researched the efficacy of open badges in re-imagining and re-framing academic learning programs and contexts.

Keynote: Growing Gameful

The focus of this presentation will be to inspire you to find your own gameful space to ignite learning. We will examine the place of game inspired learning in today’s classroom. With lots of local and global examples we will explore and differentiate the ways you can begin to bring a gameful approach to learning in your classroom. We will take a game inspired approach to the session itself and make room to share the gameful expertise and examples of the room. #getgameon

Workshop: Game Inspired Design (Bring your own device)

This workshop involves individuals and/or teams identifying an area of the curriculum to revamp, given several sets of signals. The room decides on a single theme to focus on. Using the Gamification Model Canvas work through a high level plan for the redesign of this curriculum aspect in a gameful way (using gamification). Work through the canvas and several rounds of group feedback. End by discussing the diversity and efficacy of each method presented and how to take them further in the the classroom. * Both instruments are made available for teachers to use back in their schools with curriculum teams.

Workshop: Game Design (Bring your own computer)

Participants will work in pairs to learn a game design tool and then design and create a game (or at least a start to the game). Games will be play tested and feedback given on ways to use this process (not on the gamefulness of the the games themselves) in the curriculum. *It is anticipated teachers will only get started in the game design but will be able to take their products away to work further on. Only free tools will be used for this workshop so that teachers can avail themselves of them later.

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