Cam Studio Software Screen ShotFree Streaming Video Software, Cam Studio is an open source (freely distributed) streaming video software.

It is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create standard AVI video files. The built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs).  Camstudio files are ideal for uploading onto video sharing websites such as YouTube as well as a myriad of other online educational sites

  • Create demonstration videos for software programs
  • Create videos answering frequently asked questions
  • Create video tutorials
  • Record new tricks and digital based techniques
  • Empower students to teach others
  • Video Annotation – allows you to stream the contents of your webcam onto your desktop
  • Screen Annotation – allows you to display screen captions on your desktop while recording screen


  • Camstudio is free and does not try and compete with high end expensive products.
  • CamStudio is simple to install and extremely user friendly. It could be argued that Camstudio’s ease of use is due to its lack of sophistication or the absence of many features.
    • However, the basic features are a positive attribute because they enable the user to quickly understand and utilise the product, making Camstudio an ideal  tool for many educational settings.
  • Free….  (donations accepted not expected)
  • Easy to use
  • Video options give greater control over compression, quality, time lapse, and frame rates
  • Annotate screen movies with text captions and callouts
  • Record voice and sound using microphone or speakers
  • Record video clips from the internet or movies straight from the computer
  • The ability to record entire screen or chosen region
  • Files can be saved as AVI or SWF for use in flash programs
  • Can be set to autopan function that enables recording to follow your cursor
  • Autoname files by date/time to avoid typing.
  • Keyboard shortcuts

CamStudio review


  • CamStuidio has to be installed – (small file and easily installed-stands alone)
  • No manuals, only online help via forums – (lots of ‘how to use’ video & audio)
    Limited functions and extras – (sophisticated enough for professional productions)
  • Only saves to two formats – (external programs can convert .AVI to .MOV)
  • PC only – (MAC version in beta testing)
  • No return to default settings option – (video or note default settings before changing)
  • Motion only not image capture


Educational Use

  • Students can record step by step processes for demonstration and presentation
  • Create a library of instructional videos, from word processing techniques, photo manipulation to advanced internet searching. These files can be stored online, on school networks or on stand alone computers
  • Students solidify their learning by creating tutorials for younger students
  • Engage students by allowing them to use CamStudio to record their online blogging or gamming. These files could then be critiqued and used in a myriad of educational setting
  • Empower students by allowing their voice and creativity to be exposed via YouTube
  • Educators can ask students to record some learning activities. This enables the educator to view the learning processes rather than just the result
  • Students create their own games by integrating captured scenes from film or online gaming sites
  • Students can gain a sense of pride in their education by exhibiting captured class activities to parents
  • Improve understanding, clarity and efficiency whilst stimulating creativity and fun
  • Increase student retention rates



Original Copy by Anthony PattenPage designed as part of Learning with Computers at Flinders University


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