What is a Digital Story?

A digital story is created using multimedia it weaves together images, music and voice. It takes the audience on a multi-sensory journey.

There are range of applications available to help you make your story:

PhotoStory 3 Windows Movie Maker Audacity (Audio Recorder)  PowerPoint Garage Band(MAC ONLY)

plus: iMovie, VoiceThread and many many more….

All you need is a story!

Examples of Digital Stories

Here are a selection of Digital Stories, both student (mainly year 4/5) and teacher work.

If you are new to Digital Stories ‘Creative Commons for Kids‘ explains which images you may use without having to worry about copyright issues.

For more examples whynot try The Centre for Digital Story Telling?

The site has been recently archived but is still a valuable resource for Digital Stories from all over the world.

For individual guides to the software mentioned above see these posts:

Photostory 3:  What do you need to use this program? How is it used?  Why would I use it?

Movie Maker 2:  What do you need to use this program? How is it used?  Why would I use it?


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