The old site has been switched off but it's content is safe!

This week we’ve turned off the “old” CEGSA site.  When you head to you will now be greeted with a notice that there is no longer a site “configured at this address”.  As the person with the fabulous job of co-ordinating the sites, their look and feel and their content I want to reassure members that all of the work that was held on the editme wiki site is safe and sound on our internal servers.

As you know, the site’s new look and feel is designed to help you get to the information you need faster.  Since September the 9th 11 new posts have been added updating you on what’s happening in and around our state in ICT in education.  Our Blog writer Jacqui has been doing a fantastic job of writing about new and interesting software and news from the edtech community around the globe.  All of which, we hope you’re finding interesting, engaging and useful.

You might have noticed that this week, I added a post on digital story telling.  It certainly went down well on our Facebook page – lots of thumbs up for the appearance of that information.  Those of you who regularly visited the old wiki site will have seen that content somewhere before… it was designed by students at Flinders Uni and has been a part of the content we’ve offered for many years.  We received an email last week from someone who noticed that they couldn’t get to this information any more.  They liked to use it in staff PD and so they asked us where it had gone and could we put it back.  I sorted it within 48 hours.

I want to reassure you that if there are pieces of information that you’d like to see back on to the new site all you need to do is ask.  I’ll find it on the backup of the old site and i’ll get it posted onto the new one as fast as I can.  After all , the purpose of this site is to serve our members – if you want that information – we will give it to you. All you have to do is ask. We’re listening 😉

Posted By Selena Woodward
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