agmThe 2015 EdTechSA Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 26 March at 6pm at the Education Development Centre, Hindmarsh.

Our special guest speakers will be Kevin Richardson from Immanuel College, Dr. Trudy Sweeney from Flinders University and Lynne Symons from Mark Oliphant College.

Leading Learning in the Digital Age: Promise, Progress and Pain 

Abstract: Focus has shifted from whether or not to embed digital technologies in learning and teaching, to understanding which technologies can be used for what specific educational purposes and investigating how best they can be embedded. This presentation will describe the current trends and myths related to digital transformation in education. Stories of promise, progress and pain related to leading learning in the digital age will be shared by two outstanding Principals of R-12 schools. Kevin Richardson and  Lynne Symons will briefly outline some of the key lessons learnt from their schools. The presentation will conclude by identifying some of the major implications for future investment in the use of digital technology for learning in schools.

The spotlight event is free to all registered AGM attendees and will begin at 6pm.

Bookings are essential and can be made here.

The Annual General Meeting will be an opportunity to recognise the important contributions made to our organization through the presentation of the EdTechSA Educator of the Year and Leading Light Awards.

Minutes from 2014 can be viewed here.

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