• EdTechSA Educator of the Year
  • EdTechSA Leader of the Year
  • EdTechSA Leading Light

Each year EdTechSA calls for applications for these awards. To be eligible for awards of Educator and Leader of the Year a candidate must be an individual member of EdTechSA. This does not apply to candidates for Leading Light awards.

EdTechSA Educator of the Year

This award is intended to recognise the importance of the work of South Australian teachers who are contributing to the use of ICTs in their schools. Administrators in schools, district and regional personnel and people attached to offices of school systems also contribute to learning, schools and the professional computer education community, but this award focuses on recognising the efforts of classroom-based educators. Nominees must be based in a school and considered a member of the teaching staff of that school.

EdTechSA Leader of the Year

This award acknowledges the work of educational leaders and innovators. The award recognises significant advocacy, support and promotion of the use of ICT in education. Typically a candidate will be a leader / mentor / advisor to a school or broader educational community group, and generally their major role is not as a classroom teacher, Candidates will have had a distinguished career and proven inspirational achievement in leading the ICT in education community.

EdTechSA Leading Light

The EdTechSA Leading Light award aims to recognise those within the education community who provide inspiration to others in supporting the subject of IT and the use of ICT.

Applications for the 2017 awards close on Monday 19 September at 5pm. Detailed information about these awards, selection criteria and application proceess can be viewed in the EdTechSA Awards Policy (last updated May 2017). Please read this information carefully before making an application.

To apply, please use this form: Awards Application

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