EdTechSA Educator of the Year 2016

The EdTechSA Educator of the Year award recognises the importance of the work of South Australian teachers who are contributing to the use of ICTs in their schools.  This award focuses on recognising the efforts of classroom-based educators.

jackie-chambersIt is with great pleasure that we announce Jackie Chambers, Digital Technologies Lead Teacher, St Andrew’s School, Walkerville as EdTechSA Educator of the Year for 2016.

Jackie inspires educators to embed ICT and digital technology into engaging, purposeful classroom learning. Jackie has worked tirelessly to develop deep expertise in ICT and the new Digital Technology subject and combines this with well-grounded pedagogical content knowledge. Jackie is aspirational for young learners and their capacity to engage with digital technologies and she models the pedagogical approach and teaching strategies that create exciting, interactive learning that is aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

One of the most noteworthy things about Jackie is her generosity in sharing her skills and knowledge with other educators through workshops with EdTechSA, the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia and DECD. Jackie is open to answering all questions from educators who are keen to learn from her, and she has a gentle, respectful manner which invites conversation and genuine learning.

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