EdTechSA Leader of the Year 2016

The EdTechSA Leader of the Year Award recognises the importance of the work of South Australian educators who are significantly contributing to the use of ICT in Education.


It is with great pleasure that we announce Kevin Richardson, Principal, Immanuel College, South Australia as EdTechSA Leader of the Year for 2016.

Kevin is a highly supportive member of the educational technology community, frequently hosting educational technology events, and innovative enterprises. He is generous with both his time and resources in supporting and inspiring the advancement of education across educational sectors and corporate partnerships. Kevin uses his extensive international network to bring people and ideas together and create new global networks.

Kevin’s reach extends beyond the educational technology community and reaches into core educational leadership in Australia. He has served diligently in national leadership roles in numerous executive leadership roles including on the the board of the Australian Council for Children and the Media as well as the Australian Council for Educational Leaders.

Kevin is a highly respected leader with demonstrated ability to influence the future positively with local, national, and global impact.

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