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Wikispaces has great potential to set up free wikis you can use in your teaching. This recording is of a 50+ minute presentation that I gave as part of the National VET eLearning Strategies series. The examples used include New Arrivals Program, senior secondary and VET. I hope it will also be useful to any CEGSA member who is thinking about using wikis in their teaching at any level or would just like to know more about wikis.

The SA E-learning Support Services wiki is also a very interesting site with lots of useful resources. Again, it has been set up with the VET sector in mind but it should have value for anyone interested in e-learning. Check out the PD Calendar for upcoming free events and also for links to past webinars.

Link to session recording:

N.B. If you have not downloaded a webinar before you will need to ensure that the current Java plug-in is installed in your browser. When you click on the link it will download Blackboard Collaborate and you will need to follow the instructions.

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ResourcesHow To Set Up A Wikispaces Website – a recorded webinar.