Revision Guide imageThe guide is now in it’s final stages and is almost ready to be sent out.   Over 200 were ordered this year, a clear sign that Leon Marsden’s work is really worth while when preparing students for the Stage 2 Exam; thanks Leon for all your hard work!

This guide has been written for students of this subject with input from teachers, exam markers and the chief examiner, to provide sample solutions for each question.

The revision guide  contains copies of:

  • the 2010 Examination paper;
  • the 2009 Examination paper
  • the 2008 Examination paper;
  • suggested fully worked solutions for all the above, and
  • information about the changes this year in the structure of the examination.

Guides will be distributed in mid term 2, 2011. Teachers may choose to use some of the resources in the Guide in a trial examination situation. Orders for the guide closed on Monday 16 May 2011.

If you’ve missed out on this years round of order then please feel free to contact us about a late order. The cost for theguides is $25.00 per copy, including GST.  CEGSA members receive a 10% discount on orders making the cost $22.50 per copy, including GST.

Late orders, ie those confirmed after Friday 15 April, will incur an additional charge of $5.00 per copy, to cover printing costs for small orders.

To order please click here

Associated professional development activities

March 17 2011: A panel discussion looking at 2011 assessment processes, and how they are changed from 2010 was held.

Still to be advertised: A full or part day workshop expanding on topics in the Guide




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