We are delighted to announce Monique Green, Matt Jessett, Gary Pascoe and Kelly Rivett as the 2017 Leading Light Award recipients. These inspirational people go above and beyond in their teaching practice, to ensure that their work has a significant positive impact on the use of technology in education.

Monique Green

Monique is passionate about encouraging girls to study Technology and break down stereotypes of women in IT, developing units of work to provide students with real world experience in developing effective technological solutions for community groups. Her students benefit from examining and working with technologies such as automated systems and drones.

Monique is also an active member of Her Tech Path, a community of women working in IT who aim to educate girls about the potential for IT careers. With Her Tech Path, Monique is developing a trial unit of work on business analytics, aligning to the year 10 Technologies Curriculum which will be shared with other schools in 2019.

Congratulations Monique!


AwardsLeading Light Award Winner 2017 – Monique Green