past essays future folio tasksThis year CEGSA is pleased to be able to provide a new resource for our SACE IT Teachers. Each year we produce a student resource, the Information Technology Examination Revision Guide. This year for the first time we produced a new teacher resource, the 2012 Summative Task Book.  We are now adding another teacher resource to this list.

For Past Essays, Future Folio Tasks we have collected together all the structured response (essay-type) questions from the 2000-2010 Information Technology Studies Examination Papers, together with suggested answers.  We have also included suggestions for using these tasks in your teaching program.

This book will provide you with a large range of questions that can be used both for formative assessment and as summative Folio tasks.


CEGSA members $45.00
non CEGSA members $65.00

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SACE ITNew Stage 2 Information Technology Teacher Resource Book – Past essays, future folio tasks