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This week we turn our focus to the first of the ACEC2014 keynotes – Alec Couros

Dr. Alec Couros is a professor of Educational Technology & Media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina, Canada. He has been an educator for more than twenty years prior to his University position, gained significant experience as a middle years & high school teacher, and roles in adult education. 

Alec is probably best known for his pioneering work in Connected Learning. Most significantly, his Networked Teacher Diagram has been used widely in professional development workshops around the world, and the related work has underpinned the development of theories related to Personal Learning Networks/Environments. 

Connected teacher


On the first day of ACEC2014 Alec will be presenting his keynote: Beyond Selfies, Likes, and Pokes: Embracing the Personal  Learning Revolution
Critics of technology in schools and society speak of a narcissistic, disconnected, disengaged generation lacking social abilities and addicted to the latest fads and gadgets. While new technologies are often deterministic in nature, negatively influencing our behaviours andrelationships, great numbers of youth are accessing and creating powerful learning networksand becoming passionate, self-determined learners. Opportunities for informal and non-schoollearning are on the rise while we are seeing the idea of school as we know it become more irrelevant. So what do we need to know about our new knowledge landscape? What key ideas about learning and technology do we need to embrace? And, most importantly, how can transform schools into participatory cultures that truly embrace personal and social learning?

Before the ACEC2014 connect with Alec via:



At ACEC2014 you can also connect with Alec in person at:
Alec Couros Masterclass
Breakfast with the Keynotes
as well as at his “Conversation with the Keynotes” session after his keynote address.

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