Ralph Leonard

26 Years of Service to CEGSA!

Ralph has over 30 years experience in the application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in a variety of settings. His work, predominantly within education and government, has involved both the formation of policy advice and strategies for the use of ICT services and the design, development and management of pioneering systems.

Ralph’s early work for ICT in education included a substantial period from 1979 – 1994 at the Angle Park Computing Centre in South Australia supporting the use of computers in South Australian schools with a major contribution to the development of Satchel Software products and the Nexus online service in the 1980’s. In the mid 1990’s he was a senior manager at the Open Learning Technology Corporation, the organisation that later became Education AU. In the late 90’s and early this century Ralph was an independent consultant working on projects across many states and often supporting major projects of the Australian Council for Computers in Education.

Until recently he was the Manager of Broadband SA, a South Australian government initiative to improve access to broadband in SA and promote greater use of online activity. Ralph is now the CEO of the South Australian Broadband Research and Education Network, an independent company jointly owned by universities and the government in South Australia.

Ralph has been an active volunteer within professional associations for educational technology for almost two decades. He is a current Board Member (since 1997) and Immediate Past-President (2003 – 2009) of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE). He joined CEGSA in 1987 and was President of the Computers in Education Group of South Australia (CEGSA) from 1996-2002. After 26 years of distinguished service, he continues to be a valued member of the CEGSA Management Committee and his experience and leadership is greatly appreciated on the Trade and Sponsorship Committee for the Australian Computers in Education Conference planned for 2014. Ralph was the convener of the Australian Computers in Education Conference in 1998 and the financial manager of the 2004 conference.

In 2006 he was elected a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society for his long and dedicated commitment to the support of educational technology. In 2012 he was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Council of Computers in Education. Ralph served on the Board of the International Society for Technology in Education from 2007-2011 and was a member of the International Judging Panel for the ThinkQuest International Competition from 2006 – 2009.

These activities have demonstrated a high level of competence, not only in the applications of technology but also in the processes associated with the development of policy, strategies and related project management. Much of his work has involved management of the design, development and ongoing operational phases of pioneering systems and the promotion of their use through professional development programs.

Ralph is recognised as an elder statesman of ICT in Australia and is truly a worthy recipient of CEGSA Life Membership.

Proposed: Trudy Sweeney (President) Seconded: Tina Photakis (Vice-President)

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