Margaret Lloyd was the second keynote speaker at the 2011 CEGSA Conference with a challenging and topical address entitled ICT and the Australian Curriculum: Context or Content? If you would like to revisit Margaret’s address or share in her wisdom for the first time, you are now able to by clicking on the Vimeo recording below.

This is the abstract for Margaret’s keynote address:

Is ICT a general capability? Is it a standalone learning area? Is it or can it possibly be both? If it is a learning area, what might it be called? These are the critical questions currently facing curriculum authorities and professional communities across Australia as the Australian Curriculum moves into its third phase of development. This keynote presentation will tackle these questions and benchmark possible and probable futures against contemporary research, policy and commentary.

Watch the video recording:

Margaret Lloyd: ICT and the Australian Curriculum – Context or Content? from CEGSA on Vimeo.

MembersRecording of Margaret Lloyd’s Keynote