The Australian Computing Academy (ACA)

As part of its support for the Digital Technologies curriculum, the Australian Government Department of Education and Training is providing national professional learning for several aspects of Digital Technologies.

Digital Technologies Workshops are offered in 2018 and 2019 by EdTechSA on behalf of the Australian Computing Academy (for the University of Sydney).

The workshop is a full-day training session to prepare teachers F-10 to teach the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. The workshop provides an introduction of the concepts and goals of the Digital Technologies curriculum, as well as providing teachers with practical programming assistance to deliver the new curriculum in their classrooms.

The workshops will involve a curriculum overview, followed by a programming introduction using the Australian Digital Technologies Challenges being developed by the ACA.

The cost for attending a workshop is fixed at $70 including GST. This cost covers catering for the day (including lunch) and membership of EdTechSA.

Attendees are asked to bring their laptop computer and power supply.

Who Should Attend?

  • Primary and secondary teachers looking to improve their understanding of the Digital Technologies curriculum
  • Teachers and technology leaders seeking resources to support the implementation of the curriculum

Workshop summary:

Overview – Australian Curriculum, Digital Technologies

  • Goals of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies
  • Unpacking the Australian Curriculum – key concepts and ideas

Key Concepts Exploration:

  • Data Representation
  • Abstraction

Example activities

  • Crypto unplugged DiC activity (rot cipher)
  • ACA Challenge – Cookie Clicker
  • ACA Challenge – Python Turtle (Flags or Snow HoC)
  • Visual and text programming
  • Blockly Turtle
  • Python Biology
  • Resources and Activities Roadshow

Workshop Dates

2019 Workshop Dates to be announced soon

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Our Presenters

Gyllian Godfrey

Gyllian Godfrey

Principal, Athelstone School

Gyllian has held a general interest in the development of skills within the teaching and learning of digital technologies and the ICT general capabilities over a long period of time. An interest in ICT developed into a coordinator position in 2003/4, which continued from 2009 onwards with roles firmly based in the effective integration of digital technologies within the curriculum (Assistant Principal Innovation and Learning). Gyllian led the Microsoft Partners Innovation in Schools project at Gilles Street PS with the aim of building a digital culture. In teaching Digital Technologies Gyllian has focused on the development of computational thinking skills as the building block basics for digital thinking.