Edna to close on Thurs 30th June

For those of you who didn’t already know, we thought we’d take this opportunity to draw your attention to the fact that as of the end of this month (Thursday 30th June) Edna will begin the process of being decommissioned.

Why? Well, a recent review showed that “none of edna‟s services are “mission critical”” that it’s “set of services …are now fairly basic compared to contemporary systems in use across the education sector.” The reason for this?  Apparently the DER has meant that the way in which we are driving the e-learning has changed to a point where edna is now unable to provide what is needed in schools.

Of course, the report also found that the only area of the site of the “highest relevance” were the mailing lists and groups (phew) and so, for now, these are staying.  However, they will be moved to “an Education Services Australia branded service by 30 September 2011”, the date that Edna will close forever and become an archive.

Unfortunately, the demise of Edna also affects services such as me.edu.au (ceasing 30 September 2011) as well as Oz Projects (Ceasing 31 December 2011).

The cessation of these services will come as a blow to many.  DECs have already lost Learning Technologies and now Edna and it’s affiliates are to be hit by cuts too. Yet another source of support is being lost to the teachers of SA. Obviously, the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)  who commissioned the independent review that signaled Edna’s demise feel that teachers need something more than Edna can offer.  However, I am unable to find any mention of a reference to a replacement or better offering.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Please feel free to share any news you might have on these subjects. CEGSA will certainly do it’s best to keep you updated.

There is currently a forum in place for members to share their thoughts, memories and possible frustrations with these events.  Sadly, at present there are far few comments in that forum that I would have expected.  Perhaps, as members of CEGSA and educators who are passionate about the use of ICT in education, you may like to say your goodbye’s to the team who have run this valuable resource, acknowledge their work and share in the memories enda has brought you? Alternatively, feel free to comment here and we will ensure that your thoughts, wishes and messages are passed on.

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Posted by: Selena Woodward (CEGSA Committee member)

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