One of the most important things that our members identified about CEGSA was the opportunity to network and meet like minded people.  People who are asking the same questions they are about ICT in education, people who might be able to help them move forward with the changes they’d like to make in their own classrooms. You love our conferences because they give you the opportunity to meet face to face with others.  We know how valuable to ability to stay in touch is and so we’ve created a place where you can continue to share ideas, resources and learning conversations.  A place where your voice can be heard. Heard by each other, by the committee and by the governing bodies who need to hear your voices.

The forums have arrived!  Anyone can read the content within them but only CEGSA members are able to comment and share information.  This means that you’ll need to log in to have your say.

Where are the forums?

There are two ways to navigate into the forums.  The first is by clicking on the link in the footer.  Because we believe that the forums will be a fantastic starting point for new information and collaborative learning we’ve put it under the heading of PD. Of course, we’re happy to get your feedback, within the forums, if you think it should be else where 😉

The other way to get in is to use the side bar link.  By clicking on “Forums” the accordion will expand to reveal a link to take you straight to where the conversation is happening.

How do they work?


 Once you’ve followed the link you’ll see the forums’ board.  From here you can choose a category.  Categories are full of “Topics” and “posts”.  Imagine it this way….

The topics are sub-categories for that forum. So, currently within the ACCE Forum there is a topic about a discussion paper that they’d like our members to feed back on.  You can click on to this topic and respond by making a “post”.  You can then reply to posts that others make or to the original topic that was posted in the forum.

It’s also possible to enter one of the forums and begin your own, brand new “topic” for others to comment on. You could, for example, enter the technical forum and start a topic about a piece of hardware you’d like some advice on.  You might find one of our members has some experiences to share that will help you.

Why not head on over and get started? You could introduce yourself to the members in the “Member Networking” forum or add your twitter ID to the list in our Twitter Networking topic.

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